Terms and Conditions

Big Green Coach Terms and Conditions
Big Green Coach means the employers offering and providing the work or finding volunteers.
1. General
1a. Big Green Coach is a trading name of Big Green Coach whose principal place of business is at Unit F4 The Arch, 48-52 Floodgate Street Birmingham B5 5SL
1b. If you have any queries regarding the Terms and Conditions you are advised to contact Big Green Coach in writing before submitting your application and paying your deposit.
1c. By completing and submitting an application you are agreeing to abide by the:
1. Terms and Conditions
2. Code of Conduct
3. Policies and Procedures
4. Client Rules and Regulations

1d. You must be over 18 years old by the commencement date of work at the festival to apply for, attend and work at the festival.
1e. By submitting an application you agree that any photographs; video; sound recordings taken of you or by you may be used by Big Green Coach and the clients of Big Green Coach for any promotional purposes.
1f. Big Green Coach is not responsible in the event of loss or damage to any of your personal belongings.
1g. Big Green Coach does not accept responsibility for the facilities and provisions made available to you by the festival.
1h. Please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions for the festivals you have applied for as these may have specific rules including alcohol limits, camper van access, campsite rules etc
2. Employment Expectations and Employment Rights
2a. Paid staff
2a.i. Employment Rights: As a worker you are entitled to core employment rights, including the right to:
receive the National Minimum Wage
protection against unlawful deduction from wages
minimum length of rest breaks
not work more than 48 hours on average per week or to opt out of this right if you choose
protection against unlawful discrimination (including less favourable treatment on the grounds of part-time status)
protection for 'whistleblowing' (reporting wrongdoing in the workplace)
Paid Staff expectations:
You are required to carry out your roles and responsibilities as detailed in the job description and position specification.
You are required to carry out your roles and responsibilities in accordance with the Code of Conduct (detailed below).
Your place of work will be the address of the event and is where you are required to work. Details will be given to you on confirmation of position.
Your employment contract is for a fixed term and expires at the end of each position i.e. no contract shall exist between you and Big Green Coach during periods when you are not working on an Assignment.
You are not be obliged to accept an Assignment offered by Big Green Coach just as Big Green Coach is not obliged to offer you work.
You acknowledge that the nature of temporary work means that there may be periods when no suitable work is available and agree that the suitability of the work to be offered shall be determined solely by Big Green Coach
Your employment is temporary and may be withdrawn at any time prior to or during an event due to any of the following reasons:
Big Green Coach does not gain a contract of services at named event.
Big Green Coach loses a contract of service at the named event.
The named event does not take place or is cancelled.
You are in breach of the Terms & Conditions; Code of Conduct; Policies and Procedures; Client Rules and Regulations.
Payments are made in GBP by BACS to an account of the named individual member of staff;
Payments will be made through PAYE with tax and national insurance deducted. Employees are responsible for providing the correct P45 / P46 and checking their tax code to ensure the correct amount is being deducted.
Staff are responsible for their own travel and any accommodation expenses. Normally crew camp at festivals and there is no charge for this and the associated facilities.
Provision of meals or allowances are not negotiable and are provided under the discretion of the company directors and / or the event.
Holiday pay will be accrued for all hours worked, on a pro-rata basis at 12.07% based on the statutory entitlement of 28 days (including bank holidays) per year.
Due to the part-time / short term nature of most positions Big Green Coach requires staff to take paid holiday accrued in each period on non-working days during that period. Where this is not possible employees should agree a suitable time to take holiday with their line manager.
Holiday pay will be paid automatically, separate to hourly pay, at the end of each pay period.
Big Green Coach operate a pension schemes to employees contracted for a fixed period.
In the case of incapacity for work you will forfeit any confirmed positions; and receive no remuneration. This is due to the nature of the positions being for a fixed period.
All paid staff hours are subject to change prior to or at the events.

3. Hours of Work
3a. The hours of work are detailed in the specification for each position.
3b. Hours for each position may vary from the specification due to unforeseen circumstances, including, but not limited to changes to the operational needs of the event.
3c. The time it takes you to sign-in and travel to and from your place of work is additional to your shifts and will not be paid.
3d. There is no entitlement to paid rest breaks, inclusion of breaks for pay purposes is at the discretion of the BGC manager on site and our client.

4. Volunteers
By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions volunteers acknowledge that you have received the Volunteer Agreement.
Employment Rights: As a volunteer, you are not an employee or a worker. Your health and safety rights whilst volunteering are protected, but you do not have any employment rights.
Volunteer Expectations: Volunteers are responsible for their own travel expenses and the provision of meals are not negotiable and are provided under the discretion of the company directors/clients, this can differ per event.
In the case of incapacity for work you will forfeit any confirmed positions

5. Disciplinary Action
If you are dissatisfied with any disciplinary decision you should apply in the first instance to your on duty supervisor if you are on site. Off-site you should make your application by speaking to the Big Green Coach manager who will document your conversation.

6. Access to site
All Big Green Coach staff will be issued with an appropriate pass by the festival or event of whom Big Green Coach is providing a service. This pass will enable the wearer to access those areas relevant to the position and responsibilities allocated. Any pass allocated will remain the property of the License Holder at all times.
Any lost passes may be subject to a fee for replacement, this fee is typically £200 subject to the clients terms and conditions

7. Data Protection
Please see the Privacy Policy in regards what happens to your personal information.
Your information will not be passed on to any third parties unless directly used to manage your application or make payments
We will not contact you via email without your consent
8. Equal Opportunities
You are required to comply with Big Green Coaches Equal Opportunities Policy. A copy of the policy can be obtained from Big Green Coach upon request. Breach of the policy will result in the termination of your Contract.

Big Green Coach Code of Conduct
By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions you acknowledge that you have received and agree to the Code of Conduct.
Any of the following including the aiding and abetting of others constitutes a breach of the Terms and Conditions of employment and/or voluntary position.
You are not obliged to accept any Assignment offered by Big Green Coach but if you do so, during every Assignment and afterwards where appropriate, you will:
1. Complete all required tasks promptly and diligently.
2. Not leave your position without permission or without sufficient cause.
3. Behave in a civil manner to persons encountered in the course of duties and not misuse any position of authority in connection with the business of Big Green Coach or the clients.
4. Co-operate with the Client reasonable instructions and accept the direction, supervision and control of any responsible person in the Client organisation
5. Observe any relevant rules and regulations, terms and conditions, policies and procedures of the Client establishment to which attention has been drawn or which you might reasonably be expected to ascertain
6. Take all reasonable steps to safeguard your own health and safety and that of any other person who may be present or be affected by his or her own health and safety and that of any other person who may be present or be affected by his or her actions on the Assignment and comply with the Health and Safety policies and procedures of the Client.
7. Not engage in any conduct detrimental to the interests of the Client.
8. Not at any time divulge to any person, nor use for his or her own or any other person benefit, any confidential information relating to the Client or Big Green Coach's employees, workers, business affairs, transactions or finances.
9. Not consume alcoholic beverages immediately before or during a shift
10. Arrive at shifts in plenty of time and sign in with the appropriate member of staff.
11. There is a zero tolerance policy on drugs. Anyone found with or under the influence of drugs will be immediately removed from the festival site and blacklisted from all Big Green Coach events.
12. Dress appropriately. Either in uniform provided by Big Green Coach or the client, or where uniform is not provided in clothing that enables you to carry out your role to the best of your ability. Take good care of your uniform, keeping it clean.
13. Not use uniform, equipment or identification without permission.
14. Not permit unauthorised access to premises; event site; place of work.
15. Notify the on duty supervisor before any absence. If, either before or during the course of an Assignment, you become aware of any reason why you may not be suitable for an Assignment, you shall notify the on duty supervisor before any absence and return your ticket/wristband so that a replacement volunteer can be found for your shift.
16. Failure to notify Big Green coach immediately of any:
Conviction for a criminal and/or motoring offence
Indictment for any offence that may affect your work with Big Green Coach
Police caution or legal summons that may affect your work with Big Green Coach
Big Green Coach Health and Safety Policy for paid staff.
The purpose of this document is to provide a simple reference for Health and Safety guidance that all volunteers, paid staff and Paid staff/volunteers working for Big Green Coach must adopt. It is intended to better ensure the health and safety of the Crew and others at the event.
By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions you acknowledge that you have received the Big Green Coach Health and Safety Policy for volunteers, paid staff and stewards/paid staff/volunteers.
Supervision for activities will be the responsibility of area organisers. Paid staff working in teams will be advised of how to conduct the required activities by their area organisers.
Paid staff & Volunteers must not interfere with anything provided to safeguard their Health and Safety
Paid staff & Volunteers must take reasonable care of their own Health and Safety.
Paid staff & Volunteers must ensure that they are not under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs (other than prescription drugs). No machinery or vehicles should be used if under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs.
Paid staff & Volunteers should not attempt activities that they are not physically capable of. Supervisors should be advised of any relevant conditions, and the limitations that it imposes.
Paid staff & Volunteers must not conduct activities in a way other than that indicated by the appropriate area organiser as this may compromise their or other health and safety.
Paid staff & Volunteers must not use equipment (plant, equipment, vehicles) that they have not been trained in the use of, and unless instructed to do so by a supervisor.

Paid staff & Volunteers should take particular care to act responsibly when conducting work at height. This must only be done when instructed to do so, and when the correct instruction has been provided. If working more than 6ft above the ground or a floor a safety harness must be used.
Paid staff & volunteers should take particular care to act responsibly when conducting work that requires the lifting of objects.
Paid staff & volunteers should ensure that they wear appropriate protective clothing etc. for activities. For most work no special equipment is required, but the following are items that may be appropriate:
Hi-Vis clothing as directed.
Gloves particularly when carrying items with sharp edges (such as fencing panels)
Sun cream should be worn when spending extended periods in the sun.
Ear Plugs should be worn in areas of high noise
Care should be taken in wearing clothing and footwear that will generally avoid risk of injury from sharp or heavy objects etc.
Paid staff should take care when working in areas that are poorly lit. If necessary supplementary lighting should be obtained, or work should be continued when there is more light.
If Paid staff are attacked or threatened with a view to gaining access to an area of the site, stealing money or goods or for any other reason, they must act in such a way as to minimise danger to themselves.
Area supervisors will have been made aware of fire procedures and the use of fire extinguishers. Stewards should familiarise themselves with the location of these in their work area and in particular with the different types of fire extinguishers. It should be noted that the primary purpose of fire extinguishers is to assist a safe exit from a fire and not to attempt to put out a fire completely. Care should also be taken to note what type of fires the different types of extinguishers should be used on.
Any Health and Safety issues or concerns should be reported to supervisors or to the site services crew.